Will It Never End?

It has been a rough couple of weeks here at Quality Quilts with illness and still working on emptying what was once a storage building/workshop so it can be transformed into the new studio for Quality Quilts. Twenty years of stuff and all the wood working equipment is proving to be a very big job and you throw into the mix the desire to have a summer garden and illness and you have a perfect storm. As you can see more has come into the house. I didn’t think we could get another thing in but we did! You see we can’t have anything in the attic of the shop due to the insulation of  new  lighting through out. So all the boxes of Christmas decorations and shipping boxes for the equipment I have (just in case I ever need to ship it for repairs or sell it) must find a temporary home and the living room is it!

So last week push was coming to shove on the landscaping and general cleanup of the yard. Oh and we do LOVE our gardens. Nothing like going to plant your garden for the summer season to find that most of the wood is rotted to the point that it must be replaced. Really!!!! Come on we only need one more season out of these raised beds and then we will have time to rebuild them. Well we managed to patch them up and get them planted. I took it upon myself to begin the never ending task of raking leaves. We have a lot of beautiful trees and a ton of leaves and nuts to clean up pretty much year round. So I dug in and began. I should have known better! I have saver Asthma. Well I have been down now for almost a week with phenomena in both lungs. I suspected last weekend I had the cold Dianne had but I kept going. Let me tell you something, no matter how much you want something to happen you working yourself into the hospital is not going to make it happen any sooner!

We have picked out the new lighting, flooring and windows. Paint is next, not sure on color yet but if I can live though the lighting and flooring choices paint should be easy. I mean how many shades of white can there be???

I need to rest now and dream of my new studio and storage and having a complete home again with a dinning room and plenty of room for family and friends.

Keep coming and checking in I will keep you all up on the latest at Quality Quilts!

Your Life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.  – Jim Rohn