Why Quilts Matter

by Jenna Farquhar

The more I learn about quilting, the boarder scope that is revealed to me about the craft. Quilts are so much more than pieces of fabric sewn together, they matter so much in so many ways. If you ask fifty people what a quilt means to them, you will get fifty different answers.

To some people, quilts represent heritage and history. Many quilts become family heirlooms. Quilts also tell stories of our nation’s history. Different patterns symbolize different themes such as the wedding ring or log cabin blocks.
Quilts also serve as a collection of memories made from different scraps and garments. People made scrap quilts for memories, but also to get the most out of material in hard times. Contrary to the utilitarian creation of scrap quilts are the quilts that showcase fine needlework.

I am also learning that the reason why quilts matter so much is because of the hard work and patience that goes into their creation. They are a source of personal expression and a connection to a much greater community. Quilts aren’t just the quilt themselves. They also represent the time and effort put into their creation, the person that created it and their love for the person that receives its warmth.