The Unicorn in the Room!

Did you know Starbucks made an EXTRA MILLION in ONE day with their Unicorn drink because of this: SOCIAL MARKETING

So the next time we want to roll our eyes at the girl selling leggings, skin care, make up, jewelry, quilting services or a nutritional supplement via social media… or think it’s all just a scam, remember the day Starbucks sold over a million dollars worth of a pink drink in a cup, all because of Network Marketing.

In his book THE WORLD IS FLAT, 3.0 A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY’, Thomas L. Friedmann has added two new chapters, one of them is on social entrepreneur. If you have the chance to read this book it is worth the time.

Social Media is a double edged sword, you can lose your privacy  but you can also gain business and possible fame.

I love social media and marketing. I mean twenty years ago if I had decided to open my quilt business who would have known other than the community I lived in. ! But today I have clients on the east and west coast and across the Atlantic in England.

I would not have a business or the national and international clients if it weren’t for social marketing.

Nor  would I have a growing business with international clients if it weren’t for the help I have with my social marketing. I learned early on that I could make quilts or I could be online all the time keeping up with my social marketing, bookkeeping and the many other things I pay for others to do. I just can’t do it all!!!!

So I hired Likeable Local for my social marketing and it is one of best business decisions I have made to date. The world IS flat and if you want the world to know about you and your business you need social marketing!!!!!!

It’s a flat world……don’t fall off the edge!!!!