Thanks Ducky!

There is a lot going on here at Quality Quilts. It is a new year, a year of change and growth for many. For me it is the year when Quality Quilts moves to its new location. No I am not moving off of our property, just out of the house. I am moving into the 800 square foot shop behind our home. It is big and has plugs everywhere, in the ceiling, low on walls, midway up the walls. The lighting is all built into the ceiling and is abundant. Now to move all the “stuff” and wood working tools and equipment my husband has in it. Oh and lets not forget the garage where the new workshop will be.

We have met with several contractors and met with them again. We were going to add on to the house and then put Quality Quilts in the garage. Finally we came to understand to move me into the building out back and put the shop in the garage is the best choice. Oh and the least expensive!

This is very exciting for us. We will have our home back. When my mother came to live with us we did everything we could to make her comfortable and our home was turned upside down but it was so worth it. Then she gifted me with my longarm quilting machine Fran the Fabulous Fusion Quilting Maching. That was the beginning of  quiltville in the main living room and then the dinning room. Mom was going to have the small living room off the kitchen and I was going to quilt in the larger living room but mom came home while we where putting Fran together under hospice care and lived for a short time after coming home. Since her death  we have lost the remaining parents for both Tim and I. With the losses came the keepsakes and the I just can’t get rid of that it belonged to Mom or Dad. Remember when we did this or that with this and that. Our garage and the building out back is full of those keepsakes and  inheritances we can’t seem to get rid of or find a place for. Or maybe it just wasn’t the right time in our grief to go through all those things. Haven’t we been through enough change? Quality Quilts has grown during this time and we are really tired of not being able to entertain since the dinning room is part of Quality Quilts we have no where for anyone to eat other than off a TV tray in the small family room we now use as the primary living room. That is when every surface it not covered with QOV awaiting an awarding or boxes of clients keepsakes of t-shirts or clothing.  We have a really nice den upstairs we set up for Tim and I when Mom was living with us and we live up here with the computers and TV but it is time now for a change. I now have a full time employee and it gets crowded in the studio at times and heaven forbid friends stop by.

I am happy for the changes but not for the process. This will be painful but so worth it. I hope we are still married when this is over! LOL

Pictures and blogs of the progress will be plentiful!

Just one more thing, I have a very special thank you because without my mother’s gift Quality Quilts would not exist. Tim always called mom Ducky because when he  would ask how she was doing she would say just Ducky.

Thanks Ducky for everything, we love and miss you!