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Quilting Vintage Linens

Quilted Vintage Table Cloth

You can erase the blue lines from these pens with cold water but I prefer to use the blue line eraser that can be ordered on amazon. With these pin you must be carful to not expose the ink to heat or the markings will become permanent.

Grandmother’s Treasured Quilt Nearly Destroyed Part 2

The first thing I needed to do was to somehow attach the torn pieces to one another and stabilize them so I can then applique new pieces of fabric over the torn parts. The stabilizer needed to be thin and only attach on one side. So that left out a lot of stabilizers. I had… Read more »

“Trash to Treasure”

One of the things I receive are a lot of unfinished quilt tops and pieces from loved ones that don’t know what to do with them after a loved one has passed. It gives me great pleasure to save these treasures. I have also found quilt tops in the trash or about to be taken… Read more »