It is stressful to be an entrepreneur, to build a business from your living room into a brick and mortar that is separate from your home. To be honest it is stressful just to get up in the morning and go out and live weather you have your own business, work for someone else or are retired. Life is full of stress!  The new location for Quality Quilts is on our property behind our home but it is still separate.  I was not aware that this would make such a difference to those out in the business community but it has, in a good and positive way. The stress is always there but that is not always a negative or is it? For me it is not. It is a motivator, the thing that makes me work even harder to make things happen but it is good only if I don’t allow the stress to become chronic. A little stress isn’t so bad- good in fact. It could mean you’re excited, doing something important…that you care. The trick, then, is to harness the benefits of short-term stress while not falling into chronic stress. In order to do that you must be resilient. Our ability to quickly recover from stress setbacks-which (fortunately) is as natural to our physiology as the stress response itself. According to Alex Mehr, Ph.D. there is a solution: whenever you’re insanely stressed out…….

Slow down for a second and breathe.

Just breathe.

Do this with your eyes closed for about five minutes.

By tapping into your natural resilience through breathing and other calming exercises that activate the rest-and-digest part of your nervous system, you can learn to reduce stress and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

So when the city came and started trimming trees and tearing up our street and it became obvious we could not have a ribbon cutting or grand opening until the new road with curbs where in. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and decided this was good stress. Now I have more time to get the decking in and work on the landscaping. So the hubby is working on the decking and stairs down to the studio. I am choosing to recover from this setback and continue to make great things happen.