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I am thrilled to announce that in addition to in person lectures, and workshops, my informative, and unique sessions are available online! These trying times should not prevent us from cultivating our passion for quilting. Using Zoom technology, special lighting, and cameras, the idea of gathering in person is no longer the only means of learning. So join me and step into a new and alternative way of embracing your love for the fabrics!

Behind the Seams with Laura

Clothing into quilts, is that possible? And if it is possible what’s the secret? Yes,it is possible, and the answers to those secrets are only a lecture away. Combined with humor, and her passion for quilting, Laura educates her audience on the process of producing an amazing memory quilt from start to finish. You’ll even get a peek at various projects that Laura has been given by clients who recognized that their quilts needed a some TLC. With illustrations of a “before” and “after” she will reveal that even quilts that are in need of repair, or TLC as Laura likes to say, can be transformed into something incredible. So wait no more, join Laura and witness just how “possible” it is to convert clothing into beautiful memory quilts.

I Just Can’t be “On Point”…Oh But What If You Can!

A trunk show and lecture on the Crooked Nickel method of making on point quilts easily and quickly.

I really want to make a memory or T-shirt quilt, but I don’t have the time”. Sound familiar? Or maybe this resonates with you, “They look amazing but there’s not a creative bone in my body”. Ultimately lack of confidence and knowledge are holding you hostage from designing that precious quilt you desire. Well, its time to escape that negativity and allow Laura to mentally empower you with her positivity and insight during this eye opening workshop!

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned quilter this session is extremely beneficial to all those in the quilting arena. Laura’s students will explore how the technique of utilizing an “On Point” fusible grid can easily and quickly construct a beautiful memory or T-shirt quilt. She will have the non-quilter smiling with pride at their newest accomplishment and the traditional quilter standing in awe with the discovery of the time they can save compared to that of producing a pieced quilt.  With her guidance and support Laura’s class will produce a table runner or an octagon shaped table topper; yes a finished piece upon the completion of this workshop! Take advantage of this hands on session that will have you believing you CAN be “On Point”. It is pretty incredible to think that the “thought” of designing your own memory quilt could be dismissed and actually become a reality!

Workshop (6 Hours) :

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Lecture (1 Hour) :

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Workshop Kit :

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The Lowdown on Leather

Lecture/Trunk Show:
Join Laura for a fascinating one hour lecture and trunk show as she gives you the “Low Down” on her newest adventure of quilting leather! Motivated by Cathy Wiggins, the developer of this incredible new movement within the quilting industry, Laura reveals what has transpired in her quilting world over the last year and a half. Combining her gift for quilting along with the right weight of leather and a leather needle Laura composes a work of awe and wonder to her creations.

After witnessing her amazing designs on leather you will quickly discover that quilting goes way beyond fabric!

If you haven’t experienced the incredible form of quilting on leather, then you are missing out and it’s time for Laura to provide you with the Low Down! Broaden your quilting horizons by allowing Laura to reveal the amazing artistry of quilting on leather.

This full-day workshop will have students choosing from one of two patterns. The design of their choosing will become the passage to a beautiful leather journal cover. No machine experience necessary just a desire to learn and push your passion for quilting in a new and exciting direction. Getting the “Low Down on Leather” from Laura will prove that quilting isn’t just for fabrics!

Workshop Kit Fee: Includes what will be needed to complete a journal cover of your choice.

Workshop : 6 hours

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Lecture : 1 hour

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Workshop Kit :

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Talking Quilts Speak Volumes

Talking Quilts are anything but quiet! Join Laura as she reveals the touching and powerful messages these quilts can relay. During this trunk show Laura takes the audience on a journey through the construction of “Talking Block” quilts designed from printed quotes from http://www.blockpartystudios.com/; as well as other fabric companies.  With her wonderful storytelling Laura describes how aged quilts, quilts that have been given to her, and even those she has rescued from abandonment, contain their own unique tale of being reborn. Regardless of what message needs to be sent, there is a “Talking Quilt” for everyone! Laura will fuel your inspiration by providing panels and patterns, including kits pertaining to one of the quilts in two color variations. These will be available for purchase at the conclusion of her trunk show. Just think of the unlimited beauty and personal messages these designs can produce! AND Laura is just the person to give expert knowledge and how-to on creating quilts that will speak volumes! Every design deserves a voice of its own, so allow Laura to show you the way to “Talking Quits”!

Lecture : 1 Hour
Patterns and Panels are available to those that attend the lecture and will be mailed to them. A list of the panels and patterns will be available to those that attend the lecture. 

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The Quick and Easy on T-Shirts & Memory Quilts

Do you possess T-shirts that have you reminiscing on a time, place, or person with fond memories? Or perhaps you have fabric treasures that you would love to turn into a gift or simply showcase? If you’ve answered yes to either of those questions then Laura’s Trunk Show on “Quick and Easy T-Shirt and Memory Quilts” is the place for you! With humor and warmth, Laura creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere where she demonstrates how easy producing personalized T-shirts or memory quilts can be to design. Utilizing grid interfacing along with the “Crooked Nickel Method” (and various other techniques) she will share her gift for creating these one of a kind mementos. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to go behind the seams of constructing priceless pieces, and at the conclusion of the session patterns and books for the Crooked Nickel method will be available for purchase. So get ready to unfold those T-shirts and beloved garments because after this lecture you’ll be eager to bring life to those memories!

Lecture : 1 hour

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From Trash to Treasure

The saying, “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure” couldn’t be more true for Laura Winckel. During this amazing lecture “From Trash to Treasure” she explores the various ways she has rescued quilts from places such as trash-filled dumpsters, cluttered closets, and cobwebbed attics (just to name a few).

Listeners will be fascinated as she reveals the refurbishing and creation of the collection she has built over the years; each piece possessing its own unique story. The assortment of artwork includes an array of 1930’s feed sacks and fabrics to feed sack quilts. Quilts dating back from the 1800’s to present day, Laura’s gift brings the past to the here and now. From stained to stunning, and incomplete to incredible, Laura’s journey of transforming homeless fabric into priceless treasures is a story of talent and magic that shouldn’t be missed!


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  • Basic supplies for every quilt class.
  • Sewing machine in good working order.
  • Rotary cutter with sharp blade Ruler to use with rotary cutter 
  • Mat for rotary cutter
  • Thread to match fabrics or a good neutral like tan or light grey
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins and extra bobbins
  • Pencil and paper to take notes

Other items that are helpful but not necessary for the first class are curved quilters safety pins for pin basting and a walking (even feed) foot to fit your machine for machine quilting. (You will need these items if you plan on quilting your project if you finish with the piecing of your project.

I expect every student to have all the supplies necessary for each class and be ready to start at the beginning of the class.  I am only familiar with my own machine so you need to bring a machine you have worked on and the manual.

If you have any questions concerning the classes or supplies, you can reach me at 254-681-8239  I look forward to seeing you in class.

Laura Winckel