Quilts of Valour

By Jenna Farquhar

One of my favorite things about learning to quilt is the community that surrounds it. Quilters of the Heart is a local group of quilters that are coming together to participate in a national program called Quilts of Valor. The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor. Since the foundation began in 2003, over 105,000 quilts have been awarded nationally. Hundreds of quilts are awarded each month. The Fort Hood area is the largest concentration of active duty military in the world. It also has a large retired veteran population. As the Quilters of the Heart group grows, it looks forward to being able to award more quilts to local veterans.

As I learn to quilt I am discovering that I will probably make more than one quilt. I am excited to have my own creations around my house but there will be a point where I will want to make more that I can store. I am finding that this is a common problem among quilters. Not only have they amassed an extensive fabric stash, they also have many quilts around their home. What better way to use your talents than to create something that will be given to someone else? As a former military brat and now military spouse, I am excited to use my new quilting skills to honor those who have sacrificed so much for me. My family has received many honors and blessing. Quilts of Valor is not my opportunity to pay that forward.

The Quilters of the Heart group meets the last Saturday of each month at the Sew and Quilt in Killeen. You can work on your own quilt top or work on one with the group. If you make a quilt top or finished quilt on your own, you can drop them off at Sew and Quilt in Killeen or A Sewing Basket in Saledo.

More information on the Quilts of Valor Foundation is available at www.qovf.org.