Quilt Guild

by Jenna Farquhar

As I learn more and more about the quilting community, I was invited to attend a quilt guild meeting. There are groups of people that get together for the love of quilting? I had to check this out. I attended my first Crossroads to Texas Quilt Guild meeting and had a blast!

The group was originally formed in 1984. They have regular monthly meetings in Harker Heights and also do special workshops, trips, and community service projects.

I was warmly welcomed at the door and presented with a hot pink newcomer’s feather boa! There was a special presentation highlighting a quilting technique. The members of the group discussed the different ways to accomplish the same technique and also teased each other about their measuring habits.

In addition to talking about quilting techniques the members of the guild have a special part of the evening called “Sunshines and Shadows” where members share good or bad things that are happening in their personal lives. These quilters make up a community that sews together and takes care of each other with genuine concern and hospitality.

The evening concluded with a “show and tell” where different members showcased their latest completed projects.

I look forward to the next quilt guild meeting, not only to continue to learn but to continue to get to know more people in the quilting community.