QOV Museum Display

The QOV Museum Display is up and ready for viewing. This all began over two years ago with the awarding of a Quilt of Valor to a WWII veteran. His awarding was set up by his family in a large room at the Bell County museum. It was beautiful and went off without a hitch and my cards and QOV brochures were given to the staff as well as attendees.  A few months later the museum contacted me to see if I would be willing to award a QOV at the museum during the observation of a military holiday. After the awarding that was held outside this time I discussed with the museum staff if it would be possible to have a display of Quilts of Valor and then award the quilts. They were very excited and thus began the setting up of the QOV display. I worked with the staff for almost two years. It was decided that it would work well to have the display up September thru November of 2017 and award the quilts on Veterans Day.  After the dates were set I began spreading the word to all my quilting friends and QOV volunteers. Everyone was excited and began asking for fabric, patterns and kits.  I was becoming concerned with the fact that I might have to quilt all the tops that were being made for this event and I already had a huge backlog of unquilted tops when a wonderful group of volunteers entered my life and took all 43 quilt tops I had not had time to quilt and several quilting groups in the San Antonio,TX  area chipped in to help. I ordered batting and backing for them and we were in business. The next hurdle came when the tops came back all beautifully quilted but not bound or labeled. I took all the quilts I had received to the first ever QOV Stars retreat and there everyone chipped in and bound all the quilts. We all looked at every quilt and decided which would be in the museum and which would be used for a 50th reunion of Vietnam Veterans. Now that we knew which quilts would be in the museum we could start making the hanging sleeves for the museum display quilts. Sleeves were cut and made but not attached since I knew I could get that done when I returned home. It was now time for me to have some fun and learn some new techniques. I was overwhelmed by all the support and love at the retreat. I made life long friends and left with a vehicle of finished quilts.

For the next couple of weeks  local volunteers and I attached the hanging sleeves and labels and ensured every quilt was ready and met all the QOV requirements.

We have already began hearing from people and receiving request and donations.

If you live in central Texas please take the time to come by and see all these beautiful Quilts of Valor.