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I really love that quote, Tim. I think it is so true. It is the reoasn I make the whole quilt myself and don’t send it off to a quilter. I enjoy the stitches throughout the whole quilt too. Machine quilting is so beautifully done these days and I follow a couple of ladies who are extremely talented with it, but hand quilting just has the look I have always loved.Your quilts inspire many of us and your sentiments today are shared by many as well.Blessings for the new year!


What a wonderful way to keep alive her momery. And, what a beauty tribute. My grandmother is a quilter, too and in her earlier years, she would craft beautiful quilts for me and my siblings. I always said as a teenager that one day I’d spend the time with her to learn how to quilt, but never did. She’s now 90+ and unable to use her hands to quilt, however, I would like to eventually learn the art just to keep that momery of her alive.Jessica recently posted..

Glenda Vicory

I have a Bearpaw quilt I need quilted. Do I have to furnish the back and batting? My number is 870-371-2287.


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