Oh…the things you find….

The moving of the work shop from the building out back to the garage is “moving” right along. Tim decided his new shop needed a fresh coat of paint.

Me: It’s a shop, do you really have to paint it? I want to start the work on my new studio soon! You are just going to cut wood and make things.

Hubby: Do you really need wood flooring and textured walls in your studio. I mean all your going to do is cut up fabric and sew it back together.

Me: Well played, what do you want for dinner.


Hubby: Can you help me move a small work bench.

Me: This is so HEAVY, stop, let me have a minute.

Me: OK lets go

Hubby: You ok, do you need your inhaler you look really red?

Me: No answer….Hubby running for inhaler.

Me: OMG we made it to the garage now we can slide it.

Hubby: Don’t slide it you may hurt the bench or leave marks on the floor.

Me: Really…… it’s a WORKBENCH and the floor in cement!!!!

Hubby: Why don’t you go up and watch some TV, I’ll let you know when I need your help again.

Me: You better hire some help for the band saw, shop smith, and that other stuff out there.

If we are still married and speaking when this is all over it will be a miracle.


We have never lived anywhere this long. Prior to living here for 20 years the Army moved us on a regular basis. We would sort, sort and sort some more before the movers came to pack us out. We always had a weight limit and didn’t want to pay if we were over our weight limit. That kept us from becoming hoarders. Not only have we not moved in 20 years but we had an eight hundred square foot wood shop out back where we could put any thing and every thing. We have every toy we every gave our son (now 31) along with every desk he got tired of. Honestly why we kept some of this stuff I will never know! That being said I am so thankful we had the room to put all the keepsakes, tools and stuff from our families. It has been three years now since we loss the last parent and we are now ready to sort and yes wonder why we haled some of this across the country.

Tim’s parent’s were avid gardeners and caners. We literally have hundreds of caning jars of all shapes and sizes. We are cleaning them all up and have specialty ¬†ordered boxes to store them in. Among the jars are bottles, most very old and they vary in color as well as shape and size. Tim remembers when a lot of them where found and what his parents did with them. His mother loved to go though trash and old rundown hotels, any where you might find something old. It is like a treasure hunt around here and everyday we are finding the grand prize.

Well I better run, Tim needs help moving something…it better not be too heavy!