When life gives you lemons……make grape juice!

Well it will be a little longer than we expected to have to wait for the new studio to be finished. The contractor will not be able to start on our renovations until the middle of May (that is when we wanted the move to be done).  So we are making lemonade out of lemons.  This will give us some much needed extra time to continue with moving everything out of the building that will be my new studio and into the garage which is being converted into a wood working shop for the hubby. It has been a long weekend of contract discussions, moving “stuff” and frustration with contractors in general. The good news in all this is I am getting all new windows which will be more efficient and will match the new ones being put in the new entrance. And up graded lighting, always a good thing in a quilting studio! Tim will be able to work on the deck and hopefully get that finished up before May.

On the lighter side I have been doing some upgrading to the website and have added pictures of some of the hundreds of new quilt designs that are available for you to choose from. I have several clients overseas and all across the country so  being able to see my digital designs online and pick out what you want is a real plus. Go and check out the designs. Not all can be posted since I now have over 2,500. There will be more updates to my website in the near future so keep checking my site and reading the blog.

Better go work on the taxes a little bit, until next week I will be making lemonade here in central Texas.