Let the fun begin!

As I sit here typing I am thinking of all the things I should be doing for the up coming quilt show here in Killeen, Texas. I am entering 5 quilts to be judged this year. This is a record for me! You might be thinking when did she have the time to make five quilts? For those of you that follow me on Facebook you may remember that I decided to clean up, clean out and become more organized this year. Both in my personal and professional life as a professional quilter and quilt maker. So I went to the great closet of unfinished quilts and pulled out five and got started. These five quilts were made years and years ago. I mean the tops were. The only thing they needed was to be quilted and the bindings attached. Only one of the five was made since I received my longarm quilting machine and starded my business as a professional quilter. So I decided I would take the time and learn how to do boarders and blocks and a few other tricks with my prostitcher. That’s the computer that can quilt patterns into a quilt rather than me guiding the machine. I also became brave enough to try some special free motion quilting. It worked! I didn’t “mess” up any of my own quilts and was able to use what I learned and complete two customer quilts with the prostitcher. I didn’t want to mess up a quilt and this fear of messing up has kept me from trying. Now I am more confident, more knowledgeable on how my longarm works and have 5 beautiful quilts. And I have an emptier cleaner closet! I will be spending my weekend binding, attaching sleeves, and labels. And of course binge watch Nurse Jackie (I am totally hooked). So if anyone needs me or hasn’t seen me in a few days you know where I am, home sewing and watching Netflix.

Happy quilting everyone!