It’s cool to be square!

One of the most difficult things for me as a quilter is keeping the quilt square. I have found that one of the easiest ways to make/keep a quilt square is to use my channel locks and pin the quilt top to the perfectly stitched horizontal and vertical sew lines. Now you may think you should not  have to pin when using a longarm quilting machine, isn’t that one of the reasons you bought the machine? I know it was for me, but alas I have learned that to make my quilts square and those rows straight I MUST pin! Now if the quilt is not for show and won’t be hung and going to be used and abused I tend to do an overall quilting pattern and not worry as much about the perfectly square quilt and those perfect rows. Yes I make them look good but not necessarily perfect! If the quilt is going to be hung, displayed, showed, laid on a bed where the unevenness will show I work extra hard to ensure the quilt is as square and that the rows and boarders are as straight as I can get them. When dealing with customer quilts where the piecing may be off or the boarders are more like waves than boarders I  bring out the starch, soup cans and other tricks of the trade.  I will write about those trick next time. Stay tuned and read more about how it is cool to be square!

The first thing I do to ensure a square quilt is to use my channel locks and make perfect horizontal and vertical lines.

One I have both the horizontal and vertical line and continue this process for the entire circumference of the quilt.

Next I pin.

And pin some more until the edge of the quilt is perfectly lined up with the lines I just sewed.

I then bast the edges and remove the pins.