International Quilt Market 2014

International Quilt Market 2014

International Quilt Market 2014 #1

I can’t believe I have lived in central Texas for almost 20 years and have never gone to the Houston International Quilt Festival and Show. When we lived in Germany I would go to the international quilt shows all over Europe. My thought was once you’ve seen the international Quilt Shows what could Houston possible show me? Well I was wrong! For one thing there are more vendors. A LOT MORE VENDERS!

As I left Houston on the bus with my fellow quilters from central Texas, I listened to all the excited and tired women around me. They were showing each other what they had bought and looking at pictures. I leaned back and closed my eyes and thought this is why you go to Houston or any quilt festival or quilt show: for the sharing of a bond you all have, the love of quilting and the joy of seeing what others have done with fabric and thread.

Now that I am home and Christmas is right around the corner and I have so much to do I have put all the pictures away, unpacked the suitcase and switched gears. Maybe next year I will go earlier and stay longer.

Although my main focus in Houston was the vendors and seeing if they would consider giving Quilts of Valor a discount for our members one month next year, I did manage to spend the last half hour of Market Day at the Quilt Show.  They are celebrating their 40th year, and they are doing it in style!  I’m including a few photos of the gorgeous quilts I saw.  Not all of the quilts can be photographed…I wish I could have shared all of them with you.

International Quilt Market 2014 #2

When you walk into the show, this is the first sight that you see…beautifully made red and white quilts from the floor to the ceiling.

International Quilt Market 2014 #3

A great way to use cameras in quilting is to take a photo and then change it to black and white.  It’s a fantastic way to see if you’re obtaining the contrast you’re striving for.  Just for fun, I changed the original photo to black and white.  Even devoid of color, these quilts are amazing!

International Quilt Market 2014 #4

International Quilt Market 2014 #5

International Quilt Market 2014 #6

International Quilt Market 2014 #7

These are a few quilts from the “Reflections” display.

 International Quilt Market 2014 #8

Finally, as the doors were closing, I passed a wall covered with large photos of quilts displayed on buildings or monuments with historical significance.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.  I hope that you enjoyed sharing my Market experience.