How to keep your quilts looking brand new

How to keep your quilts looking brand new

When you have a quilt, you want to display it for others to see but this is not the best thing for the quilt. Quilts are made to be handed down either from you to a daughter or son or to be given to another family member over time. A good quilt is meant to be displayed, cared for and handed down. A lot of time goes into making and caring for a quilt. Here are some tips to caring for your quilt to make sure that over-time, it is cared for but still able to be used.

Tip number 1:

Make sure you keep the quilt dry. You will want to find a safe place where the quilt will be able to have a good amount of air circulating around it that is going to keep the air dry. The moisture in the air that can linger on the quilt can make it get damp and cause it to mold and mildew. You should check the quilt regularly to make sure that it is dry and if it becomes damp, wash and dry it.

Tip number 2:

When you want to store it for long periods of time, plastic boxes or bags are not ideal. You should instead place your quilt inside of a cotton sheet which will allow the quilt to breathe and not allow moisture to build up on the quilt.

Tip number 3:

You want to make sure that the temperatures in the area where you keep your quilt are not too extreme. You want to keep it in a even room temperature as the extreme heat can damage the quilt over time. If you keep your quilt in the attic, the high heat from the heat rising in the house can cause it to be damaged and keeping it in the basement of the home where there is moisture can cause the quilt to mold and mildew.

Tip number 4:

When searching for a safe place in your home to store the quilt, you should also know that an area that has a good amount of sunshine is going to cause the quilt to fade. You do not want to have the quilt fade over time as it decreases in the color and it will not be as pretty as if it was kept out of the sun.

Tip number 5:

Make sure that where ever in the home that you choose to place the quilt is free from any rodent or bugs. You do not want to place the quilt in an area where any rodent can use it to make a nest or that is going to gnaw on the quilt while it is stored.

All of these tips if followed will make your quilt safe and sound while in the care of you.