Heroes in Plain Sight

I was really impressed by the fact that everywhere we went there were Heroes in Plain Sight. Sitting in hotel lobbies, on park benches and walking on the beach. These Heroes on any other day, in any other place, would have been passed by without any applause or thanks yous. But not on December 7, 2016 in Waikiki, Hawaii. Sure, they were wearing their Survivor and Veteran WWII hats but it was more than that, it was in the air, on the breeze, everywhere, we were all walking, eating and breathing it. Pride, respect, humbleness at being in the midst of heroes, men and women who were a part of history, those that made and changed history 75 years ago. I never dreamed I would meet who I met, hear the history I heard and be able to thank each in such a personal way.

Tom Rice was part of the 101st Scramming Eagles and spent most of WWII in the skies over Europe. When we met Tom and his wife it was the evening before during a concert and movie on Waikiki Beach. I gave Tom my card along with several others and was so pleased to hear back from Tom and his wife. We unfolded the quilt and revealed the center panel with a big eagle and the surrounding fabrics with eagles on them. It was PERFECT! It just happened to be the quilt on top of the many. It was wonderful to see his face. I am awaiting an autographed copy of his book “Trial by Combat” by Thomas M. Rice. I can hardly wait to read it.