Grandmother’s Treasured Quilt Nearly Destroyed Part 2

The first thing I needed to do was to somehow attach the torn pieces to one another and stabilize them so I can then applique new pieces of fabric over the torn parts. The stabilizer needed to be thin and only attach on one side. So that left out a lot of stabilizers. I had to attach the stabilizer to the top and back of the quilt and could not put it between the layers without “unsewing” the hand quilting that the grandmother had done.

Once I had stabilized the rips I now wondered how I was going to make the templates for the pieces that need to be replaced. Through my work with becoming a certified Leather Quilter with Cathy Wiggins I have learned about some tracing films and chalk paper I never knew about that would work perfectly for this and future repair project and on my antique quilts I have obtained that are in need of repairs. Those products will be featured in future blogs along with information on where you can order these products.

In the pictures that follow you will see how I have stabilized the entire area that was damaged.

I will be out of town and unable to work on this project until after the Memorial Holiday. I will however be blogging on other projects and events here at “Quality Quilts by Laura”. I hope you continue to follow me at my blog and let your friends know about my bogging. Thank you and happy sewing!

Stabilizing the back of the quilt.
Back of the quilt stabilized.
On to the front!