Colby wanted a quilt made from all her gymnastics shirts and leotards from when she began tumbling at only two and a half. When Colby brought over what she had filled a good size tub to over flowing. The lid was taped to keep the lid from popping off. I didn’t really look closely at all that was in the container since I was so busy with other jobs I was working on. I should have looked closely! This job was going to take longer than I had scheduled.

I think it was this shirt and jacket that helped me understand what I was making. I was making a quilt for an Olympian. Colby was a junior Olympian as well as a National Medalist.  She was also on the Air Force Academy’s Gymnastics team. She is now an Air Force. I felt honored to make this quilt and preserve her memories.

Then I dug deep into the container and found the leotards. Finally I emptied the box on the floor and sorted T-shirts in one pile, silky leotards in another….I think you get the idea. Next I had to figure out how I was going to keep all the bling and symbols.

The cutting begins…………….

Some of the designs where so small and right near a seam so I cut the whole garment apart and started to add pieces of other fabric until the piece was large enough to work with and make a square large enough to add to the quilt.

Then I put all of them together to make one large block.

This leotard was the smallest piece in the box. It was Colby’s first leotard and the picture is painted on by hand, maybe by mom.  I attached stabilizer on the back on every garment in this quilt so when I went to sew the blocks together I was dealing with non stretchy blocks and all the fabrics were the same thickness. I had to cut fabric from other parts of this leotard and others to make it big enough to put in the quilt.

This was  one of my favorites, this t-shirt has a picture of Colby in the air with her back arched in a perfect move.

When I make a quilt like this it is like putting together a big puzzle, it’s all about the math!

Finally on the quilting machine, the boarder was specially ordered with words relevant to gymnast. I quilted it by hand with an over all meander loop. I could not use a computerized design due to the bling throughout the quilt.

The back is a beautiful blue minky fabric. Soft and warm for those cold Carolina winters.

The label read:   My love for gymnastics began at age 2 1/2. I tumbled my way to the Air Force Academy’s Division 1 Women’s Gymnastics team.  Though out my years in the sport., I became a 5-time National medalist.  This quilt was made in 2015 to preserve my love and memories of the sport.