Happy New Year! Time to think about goals and dreams and how to make them happen.  I have heard that we should think about the different areas of our lives: spiritural, emotional, physical, financial, relationships, educational.

As many do I am in the process of making goals for 2018. I have to make separate goals for my business, my work with Quilts Of Valor, Ministries and work with our local Quilt Guild that I am the president of for the third consecutive year. I would like to pose a question: Do you have any creative goals? Do you have to separate your goals like me. I recently began setting goals and have recently purchased forms to assist with goals and tracking projects. Writing down my goals really helps and somehow makes me more accountable. Stop rolling your eyes. I know what you may be thinking. ” Do I HAVE to write down my goals? YES YOU DO!!! I know it’s a pain but it works.

Please believe that your creative longings are important. Don’t be afraid to claim a few creative goals even if you really don’t feel up to tackling your first Mariner’s Compass Medallion quilt. You don’t have to know all the details before you begin a project; just trust your creative instincts.

Once you’ve dreamed a little, it’s time to write down your goals. This is the hard part because our perfectionist tendencies may try to take over. If you are new at this, write your goals in pencil. Your goals are your own and need not be chiseled in stone; you are free to change, update, delete, and alter them as needed. The only rule for this process is that you must actually write down what you want to accomplish. Seeing your goals in writing will make them real. A list will also give you direction when you feel overwhelmed with choices and decisions.

When life interferes with your goals like it did A LOT with me in 2017 I did not give up on my goals but rearranged my timeline. Illness is one of the things that has caused me  not to obtain or keep my goals. But that doesn’t mean I have given up on my goals. I just set new expectations.

One MUST take care of one’s health or you may not be able to achieve your goals EVER. Health first everything else follows, here’s to a healthy 2018.