Fran the Fabulous Fusion

Fran the Fabulous Fusion was brought into the new studio over a week ago and has been busy at work. When we took her apart we were able to bring most of her in large units. When we turned her on she ran like she was still in the house that is until I broke a needle and got her all out of time. I will be forever grateful for the training I have taken with Handiquilter educators and their info on how to order the tools and DVD on how to time the Fusion 24. It has saved me valuable time and so much money! You can not order these things from their website the educator called and when I called and placed my order I had the code and they knew I would be calling to order. It pays to go to training weather it be in person or online, not everything you need to know is available online or in books. Next time you have the opportunity take some training from an expert on your quilting machine or any other machine you own do it!!!  Happy Quilting!