First Things First!


The first thing one must do when building a new business location is ensure it is safe for clients and guest to get to. Walking on a slopping backyard that is nothing but dirt and rocks will not work! We have large trees that we love but keep out the sun and keeps any and all grass from growing. Trees have been trimmed a lot, we will see if we can grow anything back there this summer. So we had two retaining walls built and have filled in and given them almost two years to settle. The walls are holding up great and there are no signs of shifting. There will be a large deck off the studio to the first wall that will rap around and continue to the second wall which will be in front of the second set of French doors. Behind the studio there was an old tin shed we tore down years ago so we are grandfathered and can replace it even though it is close to the back fence. We will build a nice storage shed back there. How great is that! We are having a wood set of stairs built that will go from the paving stones off the upper deck down to the deck in front of the studio. We will be installing a railing with the stairs for stability while you walk to the studio. The unused gym is gone from the garage along with the stove and frig we have been trying to sell. We keep finding more and more canning jars. Tim ordered special storage boxes for them that are heavy duty and have dividers for the jars.  His parents were big gardeners and canners! We like to can our own salsa, pickles of all kinds and what ever else we can grow.  In the middle of all this the frig in the kitchen decided to stop giving us cold water and has been making terrible noises. Then we came home to water all over the kitchen floor. So more shopping and moving around and we now have a new frig in the kitchen and the VERY nice older frig has found a new home in the garage/workshop. It is a large refrigerator and works great if you don’t care if the ice maker and water dispenser work. Just what we needed with everything else we are doing! All this moving, buying, shopping for flooring, paint, etc makes me tired. I think I’ll take a nap.