Fabric Books

by Jenna Farquhar

Over the past few month I have learned so much about quilts and quilting. I started my first large bedspread quilt, but it is still a little intimidating. As I work on honing my sewing skills and my quilting knowledge I discovered working on small projects helps. Before I took on a larger blanket sized quilt, I made a mug rug or doll quilt. In addition to these small projects I discovered a great new project to help with my skills and also make great gifts for friends with small babies, quilted fabric books!

These fabric books are great to practice your sewing skills. The books comes as a fabric panel with assembly instructions. Once the pages are cut out of the fabric panel, you create several mini quilts that result in the pages. I also embroidered the name of the book owner into the front page. You set up a “quilt sandwich” with batting between the two page layers of fabric and quilt the page together. Once all of the pages are quilted you arrange the pages in the correct order and sew a binding down the middle.

Helpful hint: take a picture of the panel before you sew the pages together or else you will have a hard time figuring out what goes where. The first one of these I made, the page numbers disappeared into my seam allowance so when it came time to assemble all of the pages, I had a difficult puzzle on my hands that involved some extra internet research.

Quilted fabric books are a quick project to help a beginner work on their skills. They also make a great gift for babies. A bonus feature appreciated by any mother of young ones is they are machine washable!