Experts Aren’t Always Right

I have my first employee at Quality Quilts, and her name is Dianne. Dianne is very special not just because she is working for me and my right hand. When Dianne was born she came in the world feet first and facing down. I don’t know all the details but her mother Susan and I are becoming good friends and she shared that they were told they should put Dianne in an institution. You see Dianne was not expected to ever be able to read or do simple math or any of the other simple daily task we don’t even think about but just do. Dianne’s parents did not listen to the experts but sought out schools and help for her. At the age of 40 Dianne learned how to read. She has lived in community homes with other’s who had challenges like her. She was married, has lived with her brother and his family for nineteen years. Recently Dianne and her mother decided they would both relocate to Killeen, Texas to live close to more family since mom is now eighty and Dianne has wanted to be around her sister and other family. I am so glad they decided to move here!

Dianne and Susan attend the same church I do and we met one Sunday during the welcome portion of the service. Her sister Elva  told me she was teaching Dianne how to sew and make quilted mug rugs. I thought maybe Dianne could help with a special ministry I head, prayer squares. A few weeks later Dianne came over and I showed her what to do and a friendship was born.

Meet Dianne:

She is my right hand. I really don’t know what I would do without her at this point. I have loaded and unloaded the longarm many times with Dianne in the room and suddenly there she was helping and asking me how to do this and that. Now she comes in and just strips the extra fabric and batting off the machine when I am finished trimming the finished quilt. And boy can she press! She is so willing to learn and help in any way she can.

We have learned the difference between ironing and pressing.

She has mastered the press and is now accepting jobs to press interfacing to the back of t-shirts (not everyone’s favorite job)!

I love working with Dianne and seeing the changes in her everyday. I have been looking for full time help for awhile now and God has provided the perfect person. I am so happy that Dianne’s parents didn’t listen to the experts and sought out the help Dianne needed. Dianne has just finished the center of her first quilt, next we will be working on attaching boarders (pictures to come). Dianne has mastered mug rugs and made several table runners. She has a gift with picking out colors and putting fabrics together.

It’s amazing how more wonderful some people are than anyone ever thought they would be. Experts aren’t always right, people can and will surprise you!

“There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability.” Sharron Angle