Everybody Loves a Parade

Oh and what a parade it was!

The crowd was 10 deep on both sides of the street for the entire two miles of the parade route. The Pearl Harbor Survivors road in convertible corvettes with their families walking behind the cars, if they had families with them.

The final speaker before the parade began was 103 years old James Downing. You would never guess he is 103. He presented a very moving speech and a grand way to begin the parade.

Tim and I happened across a wonderful float of the USS Arizona! Tim helped push it onto the street and into the parade.

There were not many balloons in the parade but this one caught everyone’s attention.

After the parade was over there was a concert with various bands and food for everyone. It was a really exciting part of our trip. We gave out most the QOV we bought with us at this one event. We didn’t get back to the hotel until after midnight.