Enjoying the Creative Process

by Jenna Farquhar

The warm blanket that is the end product of quilting is a nice reward, but the process of creating a quilt is an enjoyable journey. In a fast paced world, learning to quilt is definitely teaching me to slow down and concentrate on each step of the process. Each step is a challenge and fun in its own right. Quilting is not always about making as many quilts as you can as quickly as possible, but about enjoying the creative process.

The first step is picking out a pattern. How big do you want it to be? How simple or elaborate? There are so many options and resources, I am quickly amassing more patterns and ideas than I could ever create myself. After I’ve decided on a pattern, if there are not specific instructions, but just a quilting block there comes the next puzzle, math! I need to figure out how many colors I need and how much fabric needed which leads to the next step, shopping!

Shopping or searching for fabric is a small journey in itself. What textures and colors will I use? How many colors do I need? I have to make sure all the colors balance and complement each other. After all of those color and texture decisions, I get to go home and prep all of my fabric! This includes washing, measuring, and cutting.

All this has happened and I haven’t done any sewing! Now comes the assembly part where my quilt finally starts to take shape. This process can be a solo journey or involve friends. Getting to know more quilters in the community is great at this point. As a new quilter, I have many questions. These other quilters also have many tricks and time savers to share.

After the long journey from the idea of a quilt through the math, the cutting, the sewing, and the quilting, I have a finished quilt I can show off. This quilt represents hours of caring patience, work, and dedication to creating something unlike anything else in the world.