Why Quilts Matter

by Jenna Farquhar The more I learn about quilting, the boarder scope that is revealed to me about the craft. Quilts are so much more than pieces of fabric sewn together, they matter so much in so many ways. If you ask fifty people what a quilt means to them, you will get fifty different… Read more »

Local Quilt Shops

by Jenna Farquhar Every year I make the goal of learning something new. This year, I am learning to quilt. So far I am learning to slow down, put down my phone and focus on something that is not instantaneous. I dove head first into quilting, figuring I would learn as I went. I knew… Read more »

Quilts of Valour

By Jenna Farquhar One of my favorite things about learning to quilt is the community that surrounds it. Quilters of the Heart is a local group of quilters that are coming together to participate in a national program called Quilts of Valor. The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members… Read more »