Horsie Quilt Part I

A young mother brought me this horsie baby quilt a couple of years ago for repairs. I took on the challenge  then just as I am take on the challenge today. This quilt was made by the mother’s grandmother when she was born. She loved on it and gave it to her daughter when she… Read more »

Let the fun begin!

As I sit here typing I am thinking of all the things I should be doing for the up coming quilt show here in Killeen, Texas. I am entering 5 quilts to be judged this year. This is a record for me! You might be thinking when did she have the time to make five… Read more »

How to make rag quilts

A rag quilt is a quilt that is made up of fabric pieces that have an exposed seam on the front of the quilt and the traditional seam on the back side of the quilt. The rag quilt will have a batting inside of the quilt with the front and backsides in fabric. The making… Read more »

How to keep your quilts looking brand new

How to keep your quilts looking brand new When you have a quilt, you want to display it for others to see but this is not the best thing for the quilt. Quilts are made to be handed down either from you to a daughter or son or to be given to another family member… Read more »

Final Blog of 2014

Quality Quilts by Laura – Final Blog of 2014 Can you believe another year has already flown by??? Quality Quilts by Laura is finishing up its third year and I can hardly believe it has been three years since I started this adventure. It has been such a great experience, life changing really, and I… Read more »

International Quilt Market 2014

International Quilt Market 2014 I can’t believe I have lived in central Texas for almost 20 years and have never gone to the Houston International Quilt Festival and Show. When we lived in Germany I would go to the international quilt shows all over Europe. My thought was once you’ve seen the international Quilt Shows… Read more »

T-Shirt Quilts

by Jenna Farquhar Quilts mean many things to many different people. One important aspect of quilts is to preserve memories. In the past people used scraps of clothing to create a memory quilt. A new modern twist are t-shirt quilts. Blocks are cut out of t-shirts and patched together in many creative ways to preserve… Read more »

Fabric Books

by Jenna Farquhar Over the past few month I have learned so much about quilts and quilting. I started my first large bedspread quilt, but it is still a little intimidating. As I work on honing my sewing skills and my quilting knowledge I discovered working on small projects helps. Before I took on a… Read more »

Quilt Guild

by Jenna Farquhar As I learn more and more about the quilting community, I was invited to attend a quilt guild meeting. There are groups of people that get together for the love of quilting? I had to check this out. I attended my first Crossroads to Texas Quilt Guild meeting and had a blast!… Read more »

Quilts of Valor – #2 Vietnam Vets Commemoration

by Jenna Farquhar Laura was able to speak to top leaders and prominent members of the community about Quilts of Valor (QOV) and the work done by the Quilters with a Heart group. The Quilters with a Heart come together once a month to work on Quilts of Valor projects to be awarded to those… Read more »