All Gave Some and Some Gave All

We lived in Germany for 12 years and we loved it. I had the opportunity while there to tour a concentration camp or two and visit historical sites from WWII. These sites and tours were events that changed me and broke my heart at the horrors that had occurred. Visiting the memorial of the USS Oklahoma was different. Tim and I laid a single flower at the base of each pillar and two lei on the first row. It did not make me feel the way the grave sites, memorials, and other historical sites I had seen in Germany and France had. This was just as moving but in a different way. I was moved to the core and proud of the men who had given it all so I could freely go, pay my respects, and travel to a small island in the Pacific. I had to thank everyone I could with a quilt or just a hug and thank you. I’m so glad we went!

Manning The Rails as Navy Vessels pass through Pearl Harbor. Sailors and marines stand at attention along the ship’s railing and superstructure. The crew’s dress uniforms contrast sharply against the gray vessels. The design of the memorial is a bold expression of the USS Oklahoma’s Lost Crew Members. The symbolism incorporates Navy Tradition, giving life to this Memorial. The Black granite panels suggest the once formidable hull of the USS Oklahoma while the 429 white marble┬árepresent an individual in his pristine dress uniform and is inscribed with his name and rank. Walk among the lost sailors and marines and understand their sacrifice.