Month: January 2017

Heroes in Plain Sight

I was really impressed by the fact that everywhere we went there were Heroes in Plain Sight. Sitting in hotel lobbies, on park benches and walking on the beach. These Heroes on any other day, in any other place, would have been passed by without any applause or thanks yous. But not on December 7,… Read more »

Anniversary Begins or Does it?

It is now December 8, 2016. All the Quilts of Valor have been awarded and Tim and I are at the Pearl Harbor gift shop picking up those last minute gift and seeing the sights and what tours we might be able to take. We were putting our gifts in the back of the car… Read more »

Everybody Loves a Parade

Oh and what a parade it was! The crowd was 10 deep on both sides of the street for the entire two miles of the parade route. The Pearl Harbor Survivors road in convertible corvettes with their families walking behind the cars, if they had families with them. The final speaker before the parade began… Read more »

Distinguished and Celebrated Part II

Ewa Battlefield When my husband and I arrived in Waikiki, Hawaii we were tired but thrilled about the events we were going to be a part of. But, as previously stated, that all fell apart while we were in flight. Who knew what a blessing that would be. While we were preparing to leave, things… Read more »

All Gave Some and Some Gave All

We lived in Germany for 12 years and we loved it. I had the opportunity while there to tour a concentration camp or two and visit historical sites from WWII. These sites and tours were events that changed me and broke my heart at the horrors that had occurred. Visiting the memorial of the USS… Read more »

Thanks Ducky!

There is a lot going on here at Quality Quilts. It is a new year, a year of change and growth for many. For me it is the year when Quality Quilts moves to its new location. No I am not moving off of our property, just out of the house. I am moving into… Read more »