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A little about Laura:

Laura Winckel, owner of Quality Quilts by Laura in Harker Heights, helps mourners memorialize their lost loved ones. Customers who have commissioned Winckel call her quilts “hugs from heaven”. They’ve even deemed her as “The Quilt Angel”.

Additionally, Laura is an award-winning quilter, former director of membership for the Quilts of Valor Foundation (2014-2015), President of the Crossroads to Texas Quilt Guild and volunteer Chaplain. She also  presents seminars to grieving professionals, funeral directors and quilters throughout Texas.

What I do and who I do it for:

Do you have shirts from your years in the choir? I would be happy to have music fabric surround the shirts and back the quilt with of course music fabric.

For your star football player, you may want football fabric. Or how about a quilt made with fabric from your husbands favorite team? If your child is graduating, I can make them a beautiful memory quilt with their school colors.

I enjoy custom-designing each quilt to preserve your memories in an incredibly special way!

Laura’s story:

Written for a magazine article Laura was featured in called “Hugs from Heaven”

What began as a hobby 25 years ago, became a business in 2013 when Winckel’s mother Lee Hodgson gifted her a long arm quilting machine. Hodgson had been admitted to the hospital by the time the machine arrived, so Winckel would share photos of the new long arm being assembled during hospital visits with her mother. Hodgson finally got to see the long arm in person when hospice wheeled her into Winckel’s home. Hodgson died a few weeks later.

“Her final gift changed my life and it helps me change the lives of my customers,” Winckel said.

Winckel is no stranger to grief and mourning. In 1991, her 3-year-old daughter Sarah died from tuberous sclerosis. Today, she serves as a Stephen Minister, volunteer chaplain with Seton Medical Center, and a member of Community of Hope. She also ran a community grief support group in 2014. Winckel said combining her community outreach around grieving and her love of quilting was a natural progression.

“Quilting is more than crafting for me. It’s about healing. It’s about love,” she said.  

What started out as making a few quilts for friends, has turned into a flourishing business that has attracted local professionals who want to remember their loved ones. Winckel spends at least an hour with her customers during the initial consultation so she can learn intimate details about the person the quilt is meant to represent. Then she goes to work, searching for the right fabric and incorporating old clothes in order to craft a patchwork story of the person’s life. While the majority of her business focuses on memorial quilts, she also makes heirloom quilts that celebrate major milestones such as weddings, anniversaries and births.

“These are more than just pretty bed-covers,” Winckel said.

“These precious quilts carry connections to our personal and cultural past. I love when a client comes into the studio, sees their quilt for the first time and says ‘Oh yes, that’s my grandma.’ Nothing connects us to our heritage quite like the cozy warmth and craftsmanship of the heirloom quilts passed from one generation to the next.”

For more information, visit www.qualityquiltsbylaura.com or call 254-681-8239. 

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